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About Bidder

Bidder is an online real estate sales system that provides all parties with complete transparency throughout the sales process. Users can see bids in real time and have the ability to submit their own bid at the click of a button.


For Buyers

As a buyer, Bidder has the following benefits:

100% transparency

  • View all current offers on a property as well as the number of interested parties.

  • Receive real – time notifications whenever a new offer has been submitted.

  • No longer have to believe an agent when they tell you they have another offer on a property. With Bidder you can confirm this for yourself.


  • Purchase a property from the comfort of your own home. Bidder can be used anywhere on the world on any internet capable device.

  • Contracts and important documentation is signed digitally so no need to meet the agent in person.

  • Easy to make an offer and withdraw an offer

  • Bidder provides for each buyer to submit the conditions that suit them.

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For Sellers

Bidder is the best way to sell your previous real estate. With bidder you can:

  • Achieve the highest possible price

  • Remain in complete control of the sales process and accepts bidders approved by you.

  • Flexibility to sell at any time once the property reaches a certain price.

  • Remain informed about the number of interested parties and offers presented in real time.

  • Capture the attention of more buyers

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For Agents

Bidder makes selling property easy by:

  • Handling property offers including notifying all interested parties whenever they have been outbid or a new offer has been made.

  • Digitizing and streamlining the offer process including digital signatures and contracts.

  • Vendors also have all the buyer information at their fingertips making vendor meetings about price expectations easy and hassle free.

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