How It Works for Agents

How It Works for Agents

Step 1 – Register

Accessing the benefits of Bidder is as simple as registering as a real estate agency. Unlike other bidding platforms, Bidder does not require any certification or special training modules to be passed. Once registration is complete, all agents within your organisation will also be able to register via a fast and simple registration form.

Step 2 – List the property

List the property on the Bidder website

Step 3 – Liaise with buyers

Direct buyers to the property listing. Accept their participation in the property sale and review their offers and offer conditions.

Step 4 – Sign off on the final offer

Once the final offer has been received, the contracts are all signed digitally and the property is sold.


Convenient & Transparent is a real-time online auction platform that makes buying & selling real estate convenient and transparent. You can place bids from anywhere in the world, receive notifications every time a new bid is made, and know how many buyers you’re competing against. Managed by real estate agents, keeps you up-to-date about property negotiations in real-time, allowing you to make decisions with certainty about buying or selling real estate.