How It Works for Buyers

How It Works for Buyers

Using Bidder is as easy as finding a property, registering as a buyer and submitting an offer.

Step 1 – Find the perfect property

Finding your dream home is easy on Bidder. Search the suburb or postcode you are looking in and select a property from the results. Alternatively, your agent may have supplied you with a direct link to a property you have already inspected.

Step 2 – Register as a buyer

Once you have located the property you are interested it is time to register as a buyer. Simply complete the online registration form to have access to the portal.


Convenient & Transparent is a real-time online auction platform that makes buying & selling real estate convenient and transparent. You can place bids from anywhere in the world, receive notifications every time a new bid is made, and know how many buyers you’re competing against. Managed by real estate agents, keeps you up-to-date about property negotiations in real-time, allowing you to make decisions with certainty about buying or selling real estate.